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Only self knowledge can make you master of your inner powers. Only self knowledge fills your life with light, knowledge and splendor. The day you become capable of awakening, or becoming aware, you will realize that you were always a king. You will wonder. You will laugh at your foolishness in considering yourself a beggar for so long! you will be shocked that you ‘remained in the nightmare of sorrow for so long; for that is what life is without awareness.

Sometimes while asleep you put your hand on your chest; then you dream that someone is sitting on your chest, or that someone has placed a huge boulder on you, or that you are being crushed under an avalanche. You will begin to perspire and your sleep will be interrupted. When you wake up you will find that it is only your hand, your own hand. Dreams are such exaggerations that your own hand turns into a mountain! If the hand falls over the edge of the bed you think that you have fallen into an abyss!

Try a few experiments. You can induce dreams in a person who is asleep. Place a small fire at his feet. He will dream that he is in a desert and his feet are burning in the sand and he is dying of thirst. He burst into a sweat. Or touch his feet with ice; then he will dream that he is climbing Everest, that his feet are frost-bitten, and he is dying of cold. Or put a pillow on his chest and he will see Satan riding on him; or put his hand around his neck and he will dream he is being hanged. But all this can be verified only on awakening. Dreams are much exaggerations. He is bound to laugh when he awakens. How much he has suffered – and for no reason at all! A slight gesture and the mind swings into action, the imagination running wild!

You never suffer nearly as much as you imagine you suffer. You never suffer the illnesses you most dread nor the miseries that you fear. Ninety percent of your suffering is psychological; only ten percent is real. If the ninety percent, the imaginary ills, were to be eliminated, the real ills would be easily overcome. There is a way to overcome them. There is a way to step outside of them and be freed from all ills. It is you who magnify them so much that you become small; then you tremble and think you can do nothing.

As soon as the ray of knowledge awakens and the flame within is lighted, you become the master of all your energies, which is in fact the very source of your knowledge. Knowledge is the ultimate happening. Knowledge means the inner eye, the ability to see, the ability to see through and beyond. Then life has no more sorrows, and there is bliss, and bliss alone. All sufferings are caused by your own blindness. Your sleep turns your dreams into nightmares. Consciousness knows no ills; it knows bliss, and only bliss.

Sourcr – Osho Book “The Great Path”
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If knowledge of the soul does not penetrate you, and if the flame within does not get its fuel, then dreams arise in your life; then desires arise, and your life loses its way and staggers there in the darkness. Then you live in illusion, in desires; then you merely keep thinking and weaving webs of fantasy.

I asked Nasruddin, ”Mulla, where do you intend to go for your vacation this year?”
”I only go on vacation every three years,” he replied.
”What do you do in the remaining two years?”
”One year we spend in musing over the previous vacation and reliving it in our minds, and one year we spend in planning the next vacation.”

At least Nasruddin goes on a trip every three years, but you do not go at all! Half your life is spent in thinking of the past and the other half in thinking about the future. The journey never begins. Either you roam around the byways of your memory, which is a dead dream, or you wander in your imagination which is a dream of the future, which is still to come. You are divided in these two. The present is in the middle, and that is where life is – but you miss it!

Knowledge, awareness, will awaken you, here and now, to this very moment. Knowledge will bring you into the present. The past will fade. It has in fact faded. It is you who senselessly persist in carrying the ashes. The future is yet to be. You cannot make it happen. It comes when it comes, but the present is now. That which is present is reality, truth. To dream is to wander in that which is not present.

Remember the sutra: WHEN KNOWLEDGE IS DESTROYED THE DREAM IS SEEN. When knowledge is absent, when the soul is not awakened, you are lost in dreams. The past and the future become everything for you, and the present has no meaning; but in fact it is the present that is everything. As you begin to awaken, the past and the future will get less and less and the present will begin to have more and more meaning for you. The day you are fully awakened there will be
only the present. Then there is no past, no future. When there is no past and no future all diseases of the mind, all its repetitions and circles, are destroyed. Then you are here in the present, pure, immaculate, innocent, fresh like the morning dew. Then you are here in the present, like the lotus flower. If you are present in your entirety at any given moment, that moment you are God.

Because you are not present in this moment you are the mind and the body but not the soul. Meditation is an effort to drag you from the past and future into the present. You have to go neither backward nor forward; you have only to be here. To be here and now totally peaceful and aware is meditation! Through this is born knowledge and through knowledge you reach the highest peak and attain the bliss of the final samadhi. He who loses this, loses all! He who attains this, attains all!

Source – Osho Book “The Great Path”
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If you are unhappy, that simply means that you have learned tricks for being unhappy, and nothing else. Unhappiness depends on the frame of your mind. There are people who are unhappy in all kinds of situations. They have a certain quality in their mind which transforms everything into unhappiness. If you tell them about the beauty of the rose they immediately start counting the thorns.

If you say to them, “What a beautiful morning, what a sunny day!” they will look at you as if they are surprised by your statement. They will say, “So what! One day between two dark nights! It is only one day between two dark nights, so what is the big deal? Why are you looking so fascinated?”

The same thing can be seen from a positive reference; then suddenly each night is surrounded by two days. And then suddenly it is a miracle that the rose is possible, that such a delicate flower is possible among so many thorns.

Everything is the same. All depends on what kind of frame you are carrying in your head. Millions of people are carrying crosses; naturally, obviously, they are burdened. Their life is a drag. Their frame is such that it immediately becomes focused on everything that is negative. It magnifies the negative; it is a morbid approach towards life, pathological. But they go on thinking, “What can we do? The world is such.”

No, the world is not such! The world is absolutely neutral. It has thorns, it has roses, it has nights, it has days. The world is utterly neutral, balanced, it has all. Now it depends on you as to what you choose. If you have decided to choose only the wrong, you will live in a wrong kind of world, because you will live in your own chosen world.

That’s how people create hell and heaven on the same earth. It looks very unbelievable that Buddha lived on this earth with the same kind of people, and lived in paradise. And you also live on the same earth with the same kind of people, and you live in hell. Now, there are two possibilities. The political mind says, “Change the world.” The religious mind says, “Change the frame of your mind.”

Religion and politics are diametrically opposite. There is a possibility one day of a meeting of science and religion. Sooner or later, science and religion are bound to meet, because their approach is very similar. Maybe the direction is different — science searches the outer, and religion the inner. But the search, the quality of the search, is the same. The spirit of the search is the same.

But I don’t see any possibility that politics and religion can ever meet. Politics always thinks the world is wrong; change the society, the economic structure, this and that, and everything will be okay. And religion says the world has always been the same and will remain the same; you can change only one thing — the context of your mind, the space of your mind.

source: osho book “the book of wisdom”
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Knowledge borrowed from others is untrue, knowledge gathered from the outside is untrue. It hides your ignorance but it does not make you wise. It covers up your wounds but it does not heal. In a way it is very dangerous because one tends to forget one’s wounds, and the wounds go on growing inside; they can become canceric.

It is better to know them. It is better to open them to the winds, to the rains, to the sun. Hiding them is protecting them, and they are your enemies. It is better to let them be exposed — nature heals. Hence the first step of true knowledge is to know “I know nothing”; that is exposing your ignorance. And from that moment a turning happens, a great change happens: one starts looking inwards.

True knowledge has to happen within you. It can’t come through thoughts, it has to come through a thoughtless space within you. It cannot come through studying, it comes through meditation. It comes only when the mind becomes absolutely contentless, so utterly empty and pure, uncontaminated, unpolluted, that your own inner sources start flowing because all the hindrances have been removed.
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The only problem is the ego, but it creates thousands of other problems; it is the root cause. And I am not interested in pruning the leaves and the branches — cut the root — because that is a futile effort, cutting leaves and branches; they will grow again. And all the religions have become too much concerned with the leavres and the branches, and by cutting them nothing is going to happen.

The problem with the roots is that they are always underground; you cannot see them. And that’s how ego is, it is always underground. You see greed, you see anger, you see sex, you see ambition; these are all above the ground. Jealousy, possessiveness, domination, they are all above the ground. But they are only symptoms. And never treat the symptoms — cut the root, go to the very root, and then in a single blow life can be transformed.

The ego is a false entity. It is an invented centre which exists not. It is a cheap way to create some identity. To discover the real centre needs courage, needs deep meditation, needs inner searching, a soul-searching. So people have found a short-cut: rather than finding the real centre they create a plastic centre. It is cheap, easy. That’s what ego is. Ego simply means you don’t know who you are, still you think you know.

This false knowing has to be dropped. It is better to accept that you don’t know; that is a first step towards truth. Dionysius calls it “agnosia”, a state of not-knowing.

So these are the three states: ignorance- In ignorance a person does not know but thinks he knows. The second is agnosia: a state of not-knowing. A person still does not know, but he knows that he does not know — and that is a tremendous growth. And the third is realisation, enlightenment, awakening Buddhahood, when a person knows that he knows.

Millions are living in the first state. Sannyas means moving to the second. And then the third comes or its own, you need not do anything. You just remain in the second, watching so that the first does not come in from some back door. Remain in a state of not-knowing, remain innocent, childlike, wondering about it all but not creating false knowledge to hide your ignorance, and the ego disappears.

The moment the ego disappears your real being reveals itself. And then there is light and then there is abundant life and then there is an infinity of love overflowing. By going beyond the ego one goes beyond both time and space and enters into the ultimate. Less than that cannot satisfy, less that that is not worthwhile. This is the goal for a sannyasin — the ultimate realisation of god or truth or nirvana.

Source – Osho Book “Just the Tip of the Iceberg”
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The ego is cowardice. Cowardice is not an essential part of the ego, it is the whole of the ego. And it is bound to be so, because the ego lives in constant fear of being exposed: it is empty within, it is non-existential; it is only an appearance, not a reality. And whenever something is only an appearance, a mirage, the fear is bound to be there at the very center of it.

In the desert you see the mirage from far away. It looks so real that even the trees standing by its side are reflected in the water, which does not exist. You can see the trees and you can see the reflection; you can see the waves in the water and also the reflections shimmering with the waves – but it is all from a distance. As you come closer, the mirage starts disappearing. There has never been anything; it was just a byproduct of the sunrays being reflected by the hot sands of the desert.

In this reflection and the sunrays returning, the mirage of an oasis is created. But it can exist only when you are far way; it cannot exist when you come close. Then, there are only hot sands, and you can see the rays of the sun being reflected back.

It will be easier to understand in a different context. You see the moon, you see its beauty, you see its cool light. But the first astronauts were shocked, because as they came closer to the moon, there was no light. The moon was just a flat, barren piece of earth – no greenery, no life – a dead rock. But standing on the moon, when they looked at the earth they were amazed: the earth was radiant with beautiful light.

In comparison to that light, the moon and its beauty is nothing, because the earth is eight times bigger than the moon; its light is eight times more intense, all silver. And the astronauts knew that it was all false, but they were seeing it. It is not there… but a strange thing: when they were on the earth, they were seeing the beautiful silver light shimmering from the moon. Now they were on the moon, and it was just a dead rock, and the whole beauty was radiating from the earth. And they knew the earth, they have lived their whole lives on the earth; they had never seen anything of the sort. To see the reflection of the sunlight, you need a distance.

The earth is also radiating: when the sunlight comes, some of it is absorbed by the earth, but most of it is reflected back. That reflected light can be seen only when you are far away from the earth; otherwise you cannot see it. The ego is a non-existential phenomenon – the people who are farther away from you can feel it, can see it, can be hurt by it.

Your only concern is that they should not come too close. Everybody is keeping everybody else at a distance, because to allow people to come too close means opening the doors of your emptiness. The ego does not exist. And you are so identified with the ego that the death of the ego, the disappearance of the ego feels as if it is your death. It is not so; on the contrary, when the ego is dead then you will know your reality, your essential being. The egoist is going to be a coward. He cannot allow anybody closeness of any kind – friendship, love, even companionship.

Adolf Hitler never allowed anybody to sleep in his room. He always slept alone, locking the door from within. He never got married for the simple reason that if you are married then you have to allow the woman inside the room – not only inside the room, but in the bed. This is too close and too dangerous.

He had no friends. He always kept people as distant as possible; there was not a single person in his whole life who had ever put a hand on his shoulders – this much closeness he would not allow. What was the fear? Why was he so afraid? The fear was that the moment he allowed anybody such closeness, his greatness – ”the great Adolf Hitler” – would disappear. You would find a very tiny and pygmy creature, nothing of greatness – that was all on the posters, that was all part of a great propaganda.

The more egoist a person is the more he has to remain lonely. And to be lonely is miserable, but one has to pay. You have to pay for a non-existential ego to appear real – with your misery, with your pain, with your anguish. And anyway, even if you succeed in not allowing anybody to be close to you, you yourself know perfectly well that it is just a soap bubble – a small pinprick, and it will disappear.

Source – Osho Book “The Osho Upanishad”
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Bliss is beauty; misery is ugliness. It not only cripples your body, it cripples your very soul. It paralyzes, it poisons, it is very destructive. But people cling to misery because it gives one thing which bliss can never
give. That thing is the ego.

Ego thrives on misery. Misery is food for the ego, nourishment. In bliss ego dies, disappears, melts, is no more found. And to be without ego is beauty. To have no ego, just to be a nobody is the ultimate beauty. Think of it, contemplate on it — just to be a nobody. And as the ego goes all the fuss that it creates disappears, and all that was unnecessary but which appeared very necessary because of the ego is no more needed. Life becomes the essential, not the accidental; life becomes intrinsic; it consists of only that which is absolutely necessary.

That’s what I call sannyas. It is not renunciation of the world, it is renunciation of misery. It is rejoicing. It means becoming more and more blissful, more and more dance-full, more and more song-full. Sannyas means making your life a celebration. For that, space is needed.

If you want to dance you will have to remove the furniture. And our beings are so full of furniture, rotten furniture of no use at all, bur we just go on keeping it in case we need it sometimes. It leaves no space to dance. In fact it leaves no space for us to enter; our inner being becomes so full of rubbish that we have to live outside. We become so full of ego that we can’t enter in. We are even debarred from our own being. Sannyas means seeing clearly that this is being stupid.

In my vision the problem is not of making sinners saints, the problem is of making stupid people a little more intelligent. So it is not a question of sinners versus saints, it is a question of stupidity versus intelligence. That’s a great change that I want to bring into the world of religion.

Be more intelligent and look into things and whatsoever seems to be creating misery, drop it — and don’t drop it slowly. The moment you see that it is creating misery, in a single blow cut it off. Even if it hurts — it may hurt — so what? It hurts because it has been there for so long. It has become a part of you and now you are cutting it off: it hurts. It is like taking pus out of a wound, it hurts. But that’s the only way for the wound to heal: the pus has to be taken out. The ego is the pus and the ego has made us wounds. Rather than being blissful beings, rather than being flowers, it has reduced us to wounds, to crippled, ill people, pathological people.

Drop the ego and drop the miseries on which it lives — it is a parasite. And start moving more and more into bliss. In the beginning you will feel it is a little difficult. It is just as when one starts dancing; in the beginning it is a little awkward. One needs to learn the art, and then grace comes. Then you can dance as if you don’t have any body. And in fact you don’t have any body, any mind. You are neither the body nor the mind but a pure consciousness. That is experienced only when you become a dance, a celebration.

Source – Osho Book “Fingers Pointing to the Moon”
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A meditator enters into his mind and starts watching how the mind functions. Just the very fact of watching the mind makes him aware that he is not the mind, and he is not anything that belongs to the mind. He is a faraway entity, qualitatively different, just a pure watching, in other words: just a pure mirror which only reflects the reality but is not imprinted by any reality.

If the ugly face comes in front of it, without any judgment it shows the ugly face in its full detail, without any condemnation. And when the beautiful face appears, there is no appreciation and no evaluation either. It shows the ugly face and the beautiful face with the same detached, faraway reflective witnessing.

The moment you become a witness there will be no need to leave your ego outside the gate. In fact, the ego will have left you; even if you run after it you cannot catch hold of it. So the right process has to be understood. The ego is not something like your umbrella and your shoes and your raincoats that you leave outside the gate.

The ego is hidden inside your mind. Of course you cannot leave your head outside, and the ego comes along wherever you go. The ego has to be understood. In that understanding it disappears. Only a witness knows that the ego is a false entity and you need not fight with any false entity.

Do you ever fight with darkness? When you find darkness in your room, do you struggle with it to throw it out? Do you wrestle with it? Do you start taking out your sword to cut off the head of darkness? If you do any of these stupid things, you will simply show your unintelligence. You will not be able even to touch it – the darkness that is in your room. You cannot put it into bags and take the bags our and throw them into the neighbor’s yard.

With the negative nothing can be done directly. If you want to do anything with the negative, do something for the positive. When you don’t want darkness in the room you bring the light, you don’t bother about the darkness. Your whole approach is totally different. You bring the light in and the moment the light is in you don’t find any darkness.

The same is true about your ego. It has no existence of its own; it is a false substitute that has been given to you so that you can go on playing with it and completely forget the search for the real self. And the demands of this false ego are immense, never fulfilled. It will demand money, it will demand respect, it will demand power, and you go on fulfilling it but it will always remain empty.

You cannot make an egoist contented. The ego is always like an open wound; It goes on growing bigger. The more you try to fill it the more you find it is empty and the more demanding it becomes. You become almost a slave to a false entity. Your whole life is wasted in ambitions created by the ego.

The ego is the most dangerous invention that society has managed to create. So when you want to drop… don’t think in terms of dropping it, because even the word ‘drop’ gives you the idea that it is something. It is nothing. You cannot drop it, you cannot put it out of doors. You have to look into the reality of it.

In deep meditations you have to become a witness of all the functioning of the mind, because the ego is the combined by-product of your mind’s functioning. Its thoughts, its desires, its ideologies, its prejudices, its politics, its philosophy, its religion – everything contributes in some way to create a certain ego in you.

I had a professor, Doctor Das, a very famous philosopher not only in India but in almost every country. He had been teaching around the world, and he had come back to India to his home just to retire. He was my teacher for only three months; after those three months he went into retirement. But those three months were of great revelation to me and to him.

The first day when he entered the classroom I was sitting in his chair. He looked so embarrassed standing by my side and I was so relaxed in the chair – the students started laughing and he said, ”What is going on?”

I said, ”Nothing is going on. I find this chair more comfortable than the other chairs; and I am not a stupid person, I can choose what is right for me.”

He said, ”You seem to be a very strange person. This chair is for the teacher.”
I said, ”Then there is no problem. I will teach. What is the problem? – if this chair is for the teacher, then the teacher is sitting in it. You can find some other chair and sit down.”

He was an old man, a world-famous philosopher, and his ego was immensely hurt. He said, ”You don’t understand with whom you are talking.”
I said, ”I understand perfectly well. You don’t understand with whom you are talking.”

But I did not leave the chair. I told him that whatever he wants to do, he can do. He can go to the vice-chancellor, he can bring the vice-chancellor… ”I am going to remain in this chair.”
He said, ”What is the purpose of all this mess?”

I said, ”The purpose is to show you that it is not my sitting in the chair that is hurting you, it is your ego. If you accept it I will leave the chair. If you don’t accept, then you can bring anybody to help you… but as far as I know the students, nobody is going to help.”

He waited a minute. There was utter silence in the class. Everybody was afraid that if the vice-chancellor came and the proctor came, there was going to be trouble for me. They would immediately expel me. I had already been expelled from so many places, but I always continued to do strange things. What was the need to sit in his chair?

But Doctor Das was certainly an intelligent man. He did not go out. He said, ”Perhaps you are right. It is my ego that is hurting, it is not a question of the chair.”

I said, ”Then I can leave it. But remember, before you retire you have only three months more in this university. It will be good if you retire but don’t take your ego away with you. Leave it here in this chair for somebody else to use.”

I left the chair, and he was in such confusion that he told the students, ”Today it will not be possible for me to teach.” And to me he said, ”I would like you to come with me to my home. I want to discuss some important matters with you.”

He was an unmarried man. He had written many beautiful books, and before encountering him I had read everything that he had written. He took me in his car to his home. On the way he said, ”I am sorry that I did not understand your purpose. You are the first man in my life who has pointed out my ego. I certainly have a very big ego and it went on becoming bigger and bigger as I became more and more respected in the world of philosophy. You will have to help me to get rid of it. I am also feeling the torture of it, I am also feeling the burden of it, but I don’t know what to do with it.”

He had never thought about meditation. Philosophers never meditate; their whole approach to life is intellectual. They think about and about everything, but never become a witness of any experience – particularly the experience of their inner thought processes.

Shantideva, if you really want to get rid of the ego, you will have to go so deep into your meditations that you can create a distance between you and your mind. Immediately you will see the phoniness of your ego, and the moment you have seen it, it is dropped. Not that you can drop it – but your seeing it, your understanding it, your witnessing it and it drops on its own accord.

Source – Osho Book “Satyam Shivam Sundram”
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Don’t become more of an expert in the spiritual search, because the experts are the losers. Don’t become more knowledgeable, become more innocent. Drop all that you know, forget all that you know. Remain wondering, but don’t transform your wondering into questions, because once the wonder is changed into a question, sooner or later the question will bring knowledge. And knowledge is a false coin.

From the state of wonder, there are two paths. One is of questioning — the wrong path — it leads you into more and more knowledge. The other is not of questioning but enjoying. Enjoy the wonder, the wonder that life is, the wonder that existence is, the wonder of the sun and the sunlight and the trees bathed in its golden rays. Experience it. Don’t put in a question mark, let it be as it is.

Remain ignorant if you ever want to become enlightened. Remain innocent, childlike, if you ever want a communion with existence and reality. Remain in wonder if you want the mysteries to open up for you. Mysteries never open up for those who go on questioning. Questioners sooner or later end up in a library. Questioners sooner or later end up with scriptures, because scriptures are full of answers.

And answers are dangerous, they kill your wonder. They are dangerous because they give you the feeling that you know, although you know not. They give you this misconception about yourself that now questions have been solved. “I know what The Bible says, I know what the Koran says, I know what the Gita says. I have arrived.” You will become a parrot; you will repeat things but you will not know anything. This is not the way to know — knowledge is not the way to know.

Then what is the way to know? Wonder. Let your heart dance with wonder. Be full of wonder: throb with it, breathe it in, breathe it out. Why be in such a hurry for the answer? Can’t you allow a mystery to remain a mystery? I know there is a great temptation not to allow it to remain a mystery, to reduce it to knowledge. Why is this temptation there? –
because only if you are full of knowledge will you be in control.

Mystery will control you, knowledge will make you the controller. Mystery will possess you. You cannot possess the mysterious; it is so vast and your hands are so small. It is so infinite, you cannot possess it, you will have to be possessed by it — and that is the fear. Knowledge you can possess, it is so trivial; knowledge you can control.

This temptation of the mind to reduce every wonder, every mystery, to a question, is basically fear-oriented. We are afraid, afraid of the tremendousness of life, of this incredible existence. We are afraid. Out of fear we create some small knowledge around ourselves as a protection, as an armor, as a defense.

It is only cowards who reduce the tremendously valuable capacity of wondering to questions. The really brave, the courageous person, leaves it as it is. Rather than changing it into a question, he jumps into the mystery. Rather than trying to control it, he allows the mystery to possess him. And the joy of being possessed, and the benediction of being possessed, is invaluable. You cannot imagine what it is, you have never dreamt about it — because to be possessed by the mystery is to be possessed by God.

Source – Osho Book “The Book of Wisdom”
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KILL OUT DESIRE FOR SENSATION. We live for sensations, we hanker for sensations. We go on seeking newer and newer sensations; our whole life is an effort to obtain new sensations. But what happens? The more you seek sensations, the less sensitive you become. Sensitivity is lost.

It looks paradoxical. In sensations, sensitivity is lost. Then you ask for more sensations and the ’more’ kills your sensitivity more. Then you ask for even more, and finally a moment comes when all your senses have become dull and dead. Man has never before been so dull and dead as he is today. He was always more alive before, because there were not so many possibilities to fulfill so many sensations.

But now science, progress, civilization, education, have created so many opportunities to move further and further into the world of sensation. Ultimately, you turn into a dead person; your sensitivity is lost. Taste more foods – stronger tastes, stronger foods – and your taste will be lost. If you move around the world and go on seeing more and more beautiful things, you will become blind; the sensitivity of your eyes will be lost.

Change your love object every day – your girlfriend or boyfriend, your wife or husband. If you change them every day, your sensitivity to love will die. You are moving in a dangerous terrain. You will never move in depth; you will only be moving on the surface, the periphery. The more things you experience, the less your capacity to experience becomes. And then in the end, when everything around you has gone dead, you ask for the divine, you ask for bliss, you ask for truth. A dead man cannot experience the divine.

To experience the divine you need total sensitivity;. you need aliveness. Remember, only the similar can bring out the similar. If you want the divine – ’the divine’ means the most alive, the ever-alive, ever-young, ever-green – if you want to meet the divine, you will have to be more alive.

How to do it? KILL OUT ALL DESIRE FOR SENSATION. Don’t seek sensation; seek sensitivity, become more sensitive. The two are different. If you ask for sensations, you will ask for things; you will accumulate things. But if you ask for sensitivity, the whole work has to be done on your senses, not on things. You are not to accumulate things. You have to deepen your feelings, your heart, your eyes, your ears, your nose.

Every sense should be deepened in such a way that it becomes capable of feeling the subtle. We cannot even feel the gross, and we must become capable of feeling the subtle. The world appears to be gross only because we cannot feel the subtle. The invisible is hidden in the visible. Look at these trees. You look at the gross: the body of the tree. You never look, you never feel, the life within. The growth! The tree itself is not growing: the tree is just a body. Something else – the invisible – is growing in it.

And because of it, the tree grows The inner is growing and, because of it, the outer is growing. But you look only at the tree, so only the outer is seen. Look around you. Look into your friend’s eyes. You only look at the eyes, not at the one who sees through them. Touch your friend’s body. You touch only the gross; you never feel the subtle within.

Only the body, the external, is felt; because your eyes (your senses) have become so dull that they cannot feel the inner, the invisible. More sensitivity is needed. Ask for less sensations and grow in sensitivity. When you touch, become the touch. When you see, become the eyes. When you hear, your whole consciousness must come to the ears. Listening to a song, or listening to the birds, become the ears. Forget everything else so it is as if you are only the ears. Come to the ears with your total being. Then, your ears will become more sensitive.

When you are looking at something – a flower or a beautiful face or the stars – become the eyes. Forget everything else, as if the whole rest of your body has gone out of existence and your consciousness has become just eyes. Then your eyes will be able to look more deeply, and you will become capable of looking at the invisible also. The invisible can also be seen, but you need more penetrating eyes to see it.

KILL OUT ALL DESIRE FOR SENSATION, and grow in sensitivity. Think about the world less and about your senses more. Purify them. When you don’t ask for sensations they become purified. When you ask for more and more sensations, you are killing your senses.

The man who finds the divine is the man whose senses are totally alive. to their maximum capacity Then it is not only that you can see the divine. You can taste the divine. you can smell the divine. The divine can enter in you through any of the senses. Only when the divine enters you from all the senses does the ultimate realization happen. If you can only see the divine. it is just a partial realization. Then you are not really enlightened. You are only partially enlightened if you cannot touch the divine. if you cannot taste it.

To use such words looks illogical. To taste God? Is he a food? Yes he is everything. You can taste him, but then you need a very subtle capacity to taste. Your very food will become divine. Through food, the divine will be felt. The Upanishadic rishis have said that food is brahma. ”Anna is brahma.” They must have tasted him, they must have eaten him.

We go on thinking that God is a logical problem so we go on arguing about, and about, for or against. We go on arguing whether God exists or not. It is irrelevant. God is not a question of argument, of logic, of reasoning. God is really a question of sensitivity. If you don’t feel him, become more sensitive. No logical thinking will be of any help. Become more sensitive! If you are sensitive, he is there. He has always been there, but you are not sensitive. Things make you dull, sensations make you dull. Kill out desire for sensation.

Source : from Osho Book “The New Alchemy To Turn You On”
«Reply #25 on: September 24, 2013, 07:54:42 PM »
Mind is mischief; there is no other mischief. Mind is the source of all mischief. A master is a master only because he has ceased to be dominated by the mind. A master is a master of himself; he is no longer unconscious. Whatsoever he does, he does it knowingly. Whatsoever he is, he is perfectly aware about it. His life is not accidental. His every act is rooted in consciousness, it is intentional.

We live in the mind. The mind can even become a saint, can pretend to be holy, but it will not be. It is impossible; it is not in the very nature of the mind to be holy. Just look at the history of religions — they are full of bloodshed. In fact more crimes have been committed in the name of religions than in the name of anything else.

More people have been killed, butchered in the name of religion, God, truth, Christianity, Islam, than in the name of political ideologies even. Religion tops the list. Religion has been far more mischievous; it has even defeated the politicians. It could defeat them for the simple reason that the politician cannot hide himself for very long; sooner or later he is exposed. But the religious person can hide himself for centuries and you will never know.

«Reply #26 on: September 24, 2013, 08:07:12 PM »
Maidan mai aayega bhi nahi
«Reply #27 on: September 24, 2013, 08:13:22 PM »
Question – How can we Avoid being Authoritative?

Osho – It is very simple. The people who are authoritarian are the people who are suffering from an inferiority complex. To hide their inferiority they impose their superiority. They want to prove that they are somebody, that their word is truth, that their word is law. But deep down they are very inferior beings.

This is one of the reasons that all of the politicians suffer from an inferiority complex. Anybody who does not suffer from an inferiority complex will not go into politics at all. There are so many beautiful things in the world to do — to paint, to sing, to dance, to create literature, to make beautiful statues, to create a Khajuraho. There is so much creativity available, but that is available only to a person who does not suffer from inferiority.

So we have to make clear to all our sannyasins that nobody in the world is inferior and nobody in the world is superior. The whole idea is artificial and created by people who have a vested interest in it. They have created the same idea in many ways… man is superior, woman is inferior — on what criterion?

The woman lives longer than man, five years longer. The woman falls sick less than man. For one hundred boys born, only ninety girls are born, because by the time the boys will be marriageable, ten will have gone down the drain. At the time of marriage they will be equal, ninety of both. The girl has more stamina, more resistance to disease. She talks about committing suicide but she never does. Men commit suicide almost twice as much as women.

In what way is man superior? But the idea had to be created because it helped man to keep woman a slave. She is inferior, so inferior that in countries like China, woman has no soul. A husband can kill his wife — it is not a crime. It is just like you destroy your chair. It is your chair, you have paid for it: what crime is there? And men have convinced women that they don’t have any soul because they never allowed them to be educated, they never allowed them to move in society. Naturally, they could not argue.

Why is it so difficult to argue with a woman? Nobody thinks about it. If you argue with a woman she will start screaming, crying, throwing things; but she will not argue. And you, seeing this whole scene, will feel it is better to accept whatever she is saying; otherwise she will put the whole house on fire. And neighbors are watching, people in the street are gathering around your house. So it is better — whether you are right or wrong does not matter — to say she is right.

But who has put her in this condition? It is because you never gave her education, you never taught her logic. You never allowed her to be as intelligent as you are because you were always afraid. And you can see the fear in the universities. Women are always ahead of men, they top the list more than men. They always achieve more first class honors than the man. We have created this idea of superiority and inferiority for some vested interests.

The sudras are inferior. Nobody has proved why. There seems to be no reason that the brahmin should be superior and the sudra should be inferior, but you have managed for thousands of years to keep them uneducated. You have kept them doing things which need no intelligence, and you have not allowed them to do anything else.

A man who has been making your shoes — his family has been making shoes for thousands of years, generation after generation. Now there is no need of intelligence. There is no challenge — he has only to make shoes. These are all strategies of exploitation.

We have to explain to our sannyasins that nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, and nobody is equal either. Everybody is unique. That point has to be remembered, because if you say nobody is superior and nobody is inferior, people are certain to conclude that everybody is equal — which is not true.

Equality is psychologically wrong. Everybody cannot be an Albert Einstein and everybody cannot be a Rabindranath Tagore. But that does not mean that Rabindranath Tagore is superior because you cannot be him. Rabindranath cannot be you either.

My whole point is that everybody is a unique manifestation. So we destroy the whole idea of superiority and inferiority, equality and inequality, and we replace it with a new concept of uniqueness. And every individual is unique.

Just look lovingly and you will see that every individual has something which nobody else has. Once the idea of uniqueness spreads in the commune, there will be nobody who will try to enforce authority.

Source – Osho Book “Light on the Path”
«Reply #28 on: September 24, 2013, 08:15:00 PM »
Truth, to me, has not been a fragment, it has not come to me as a fragment. Truth has revealed itself to me as a total, organic unity.
I have not added anything to it. I have not edited out anything from it. And because I am not a theologian, I am not interested in making a theology; hence I can give it to you in simple words, in ordinary language, without any trouble.
My open secret is that I am not bringing in big words and theories and dogmas so that you have to be very intellectual and very sharp, no. All that you have to be is just as ordinary as I am.
All those people who have been claiming to be messiahs, avataras, paigambaras, tirthankaras, prove only one thing: they had a small fragment but they knew that they still had an inferiority complex. That small fragment cannot destroy your inferiority complex.
Unless you know the truth in its totality, your inferiority complex remains. So they had a fragment and they bragged about the fragment. And they had an inferiority complex still, so they projected some superiority; they are the only begotten son of God, they are the messiah, they are the messengers, they are the reincarnations of God — or things like that.
All those claims simply indicate an inferiority complex deep down. Anybody who tries to prove that he is superior to others, superior to everybody, is suffering, is sick. They were all sick with an inferiority complex.. They could not say, not a single one of them was able to say, “I am just a human being as you are, and this is my secret.”
I am the first who is saying to you that I am just a human being as you are — absolutely ordinary. If you can drop your desire to be superior, if you can accept your humanity just as it is, with no desire to change it — if you are not trying to improve upon yourself — with that desire dropping, your inferiority complex will disappear. Improving upon yourself is just like trying to pull yourself up by holding your legs.
You may try to jump; maybe for a second you will be in the air, but next moment you will be flat on the earth, deeper in the Big Muddy Ranch, from where even to get out is very difficult. It is better not to jump. Because I have no projection of superiority, I have no sickness of inferiority.
And truth is everybody’s birthright. It is not something that only a few people are entitled to get: you are born with it. Just because you go on running after other things, you don’t have time to look.

Source: from Osho Book “From Personality to Individuality”
«Reply #29 on: September 24, 2013, 08:15:47 PM »
What is in the atom, is in the whole; what is in the micro, is in the macro; what is in the smallest, is in the biggest; what is in the drop, is in the ocean.

Yoga has always declared this sutra, but science has only recently supported it. Nobody had even thought that an atom may be containing so much energy in it; that so much may be hidden in the smallest part, in the almost nothing, that everything could be blasted away.

The splitting of the atom has proved this insight of Yoga to be scientific. The atom is not even visible to the eyes but in the invisible atom is contained such a vast energy. This explosion is possible. In man, the atom of the soul is not visible but enormous energy is hidden in it and an explosion of God is possible. This is the meaning of Yoga’s declaration that in the micro is present the macro, that in every particle is present God.

Why might Yoga have emphasized this sutra? Firstly, because this is the truth. And secondly because if once it is remembered that in the micro is hiding the macro, the way is paved for man to remember his own self potential. There is no reason for man to feel that he is small. There is no reason for even the smallest to feel small.

It is necessary at this point to keep in mind the opposite side also that even the vastest, the biggest does not need to be filled with ego because even the smallest possesses the same. If an ocean becomes full of ego, it is madness because what it has is also possessed by a small drop. There is no reason for even the tiniest to feel inferior and there is no reason for even
the biggest to be full of ego.

Neither inferiority has any meaning nor superiority has any meaning. They both are meaningless. This is the conclusion of this sutra. Man wastes his life in the trap of only two things. Either he suffers from an inferiority complex or he suffers from a superiority complex. Now Adler has made the word ”inferiority complex” so popular.

So, either man suffers from an inferiority complex and constantly feels that he is nothing…. You may have heard the famous phrase of Omar Khayyam: ”Dust unto dust”; that dust returns into dust and there is nothing else to it.

If inferiority complex gets hold of a man, he becomes sick in his very depths. If someone starts living as if he is nothing, his very survival becomes difficult. He is dead even while living. There are very few people who keep alive till their death; most people die earlier than their deaths. Generally it is that they are buried at the age of seventy, the dying has already happened much earlier.

There are gaps of thirty years, forty years or even fifty years between the dying and the burying. The day one finds he is feeling inferiority… and if you look at the immensity spread all around you, you are bound to feel inferiority. What is the status of a man? Nothing. He appears like a straw on the waves of the ocean. Neither he has any power nor any direction.

So, if such an inferiority grips the mind, one’s life becomes sad and dead even while living; it becomes ashes. Fire becomes dull. And if your own life is dull and extinguished inside, the flame of your own lamp is extinguished, what will you do even with the light of the sun? Sun carries no significance for you.

It is necessary to remember that the whole immensity exists within man; it is necessary to remember that the Divine exists within man, so that he does not become inferior. And the interesting thing is that in order to destroy his inferiority complex, man falls into the fantasies of a superiority complex.

He starts finding ways to suppress the inferiority complex. When he feels inferior inside, he starts making wealth so that having amassed the wealth he may show the world and may feel himself too that not only am I not nothing, I am quite something. The inferiority complex rushes and man starts climbing thrones so that standing on the throne he may declare, ”Who says I am nothing? I am something.”

Inferiority itself becomes the race for superiority. So, all the people who go in the mad race of becoming superior are necessarily suffering from an inferiority complex inside. Adler has said many amazing things. His statements are significant. He has said that often those who come first in running races, are the people who limped in their childhood. And those who become very skillful in music are those who were a little hard of hearing in their childhood.

And those who become presidents, prime ministers, are often those who sat on the back benches in school. Because of that hurt of inferiority they set out to prove to the world that they are something; they want to show that they are something. Hence, if a politician suffers from inferiority, there is nothing strange in it.

A worm goes on eating him up inside that he is nothing. And it hurts the mind, it puts one in difficulty, causes him to run. When Lenin sat on a chair, his legs did not reach the ground. The upper part of his body was long and his legs were short. When he sat on a chair, his legs could not normally touch the ground.
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