check your love matches.....and love/marriage horoscope 2006

by indian_groom on May 01, 2006, 07:27:00 PM
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here is posted a all details of horoscope.....related to love.......and love matches by months....and zodiac sign.
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Wow  .......
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i liked it too .... tongue3

CANCER - SCORPIO A Match Made In Heaven

Scorpio and Cancer are both motivated by emotion and intuition, and the bond they share will be very strong. Scorpio throws his/her heart and soul into a relationship and expects his/her mate to be true, and will keep a jealous eye open for any wrong doing; if Scorpio is the man in this match he will be an excellent provider.

Fortunately for the relationship, Cancer's beliefs are a mirror of Scorpios and Cancer will not give any reason for the Scorpion jealousy to blossom. Scorpio works hard, either at home or on a job, and his/her home is the place reserved for peace and quiet, which is necessary to unwind from all of the daily tensions. If the Scorpio's emotional needs are met, and he/she is comfortable with the trust he/she will put in Cancer, then you can expect Scorpio not to look at any other member of the opposite sex.

Cancer's natural concern for other people may somehow lead Scorpio to think that they are using Cancer's good nature and disposition; secretly these thoughts will come from a touch of jealousy of Cancer's interest in someone besides him/her. Cancer has great respect for Scorpio, and even though Cancer is of a slightly critical nature, Cancer will learn to phrase these criticisms without wounding Scorpio's pride.

Cancer can be possessed completely by Scorpio in sexual relations, and be inspired to greater response than he/she can with any other sign. Cancer is able to express her/himself more with Scorpio, thus widening Cancers horizons of passion. You have to say, this is a match made in Heaven.

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