New Corolla and Honda City information

by yoindia on January 13, 2004, 11:38:49 AM
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Hi.. guys..
Any one here who can gimme the key features of Corolla and New honda city.. Or suggest me any magzine who has published review about it recently ...
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LOL ... can any body HEPL Please!!!
«Reply #2 on: April 03, 2006, 07:59:52 PM »
hey i checkd out a few reviews maself........
Hope it helps.........


A friend of mine called me one evening and said “I want to buy a car. I am looking at a 14/15lac range car. I am debating between a Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla. While on Honda Accord, I will end up spending a little more than what I want to whereas on Toyota Corolla, I will end up saving some. I can’t decide, and I feel I will look like a fool if I go and ask this to either Toyota agents or Honda agents. How can you compare the two cars of separate “Class”. Please come with me, lets go check both out and help me make up my mind”

Happy at the prospect of getting the opportunity to step into a fancy car, I gladly accepted his request. First we went to Shinrai Toyota at worli. It was almost 6.30pm. We were promptly seated at a table with a sales-girl who started explaining the various features and different models of Toyota Corolla and the prices. After that, we had a close look at the car. Feature packed, (extremely comfortable front as well rear seating, plush design, adjustable seats, 6 CD, 6 Speaker audio system, central locking, power windows, Tilt-adjustable power steering, automatic air-conditioning, big boot, crumple zones in the boot as well as the bonnet) Toyota Corolla was immensely impressive. She took close to 45 minutes (in spite of our having reached barely before their closing time), first to explain verbally, and then, to SHOW us all the features of the car.

(deleted portions speaking of bad sales assistance)

We went the next day to check out the cars.
we checked out the interior of the car. There was absolutely nothing in addition to what Toyota Corolla had, except the leather Upholstery. After having a good look at the interior, we waited, standing beside the car for at least 10 minutes, and yet there was no sales-person turned up to attend to us. A little annoyed, we again went to the reception and asked, whether there was anybody free to attend to us, or they just didn’t care about selling a car? This is when they FAVOURED us, us, lowly little customers that we were, with a grand snobbish salesman who merely escorted us back to the car, and simply stood there waiting for us to ask questions rather than say anything at all about the car. No features explained, No price lists given, nothing. I thought to myself, “What the heck, we have already seen the interiors thoroughly, and there is hardly anything new this guy is going to be able to point out, so might as well get my friend’s doubt cleared”. I asked him as to why anyone would be prepared to spend that much more, when apparently, there was nothing extra, except the more powerful engine. The difference, as we were TOLD in precisely two sentences, was leather upholstery against the “Fabric B” (though Toyota Corolla HAS a model that comes with leather upholstery, we were contemplating a lower model), a 2.4litre I-VTEC engine as against a 1.8litre VVT-I engine and electrically adjustable seats against manual ones. We asked for a price-list of spares, that would be required during the course of the next 4 or 5 years after buying the car, meaning prices of spares like, fuel filter, oil filter, brake assemblies, shock absorbers etc. He told us that they had no such price-list and that they would not have one before 2 to 3 months. We asked for a test drive, and were informed that they only gave test drives on Wednesdays and Saturdays. But, on the next day, being a Saturday, no cars were free for a test drive (WOW, I thought, people in Bombay sure seem to have made, millions and millions, a car of the value of 16lacs, and none available for a test-drive?). We waited for a moment waiting for him to suggest as to how a test-drive could be arranged, again, nothing, absolute silence, he did not even bother to ask for our contact numbers and fix up a test-drive at a later date. In fact it was my friend who thrust his visiting card in his hands and requested him to get in touch with him if and when they were ready to give a test-drive. We walked out of the showroom with an extremely sour taste in our mouths.

Outside, my friend asked me “So what do you think?” I told him “Look, first of all, if what we experienced is the kind treatment they meat out BEFORE selling a car, what will happen AFTER you buy one? What if, god forbid, something goes wrong in your car, what if there are some repairs required, what about the free services, what if you have to claim anything at all under warranty period, are you confident that they will behave “well” with you? What the heck is a more powerful engine of use to you, you rarely drive out of Bombay. If you read the brochure of both cars, it explains a VVT-I engine as Variable Valve Timing – Intelligent whereas a I-VTEC engine as Variable Valve Timing – Lift Electric Control. If YOU can understand that, please translate that into “English” for me, because to me, its purely an alien language. I am not an automible engineer, I would look for comfort, features, smooth ride, economical mileage, “looks”, a car that handles well. There is absolutely nothing in terms of USER-FEATURES that Honda Accord has and Toyota Corolla doesn’t. Yet if you want spend 4.5lacs extra and yet be treated like dirt, go ahead.”

As for myself, may be, one day if I make enough, I might consider buying a “HONDA” provided they have another, friendlier agent in “propper-bombay” BUT, one thing is certain, NOT even a bicycle (Honda, if I am not mistaken, upgraded itself from a motor-cycle company to a automobile one, they might just venture at bicycles.) from Ichibaan Honda.

Pros  : NONE
How did you hear about this Dealer?  :    No comment
Finance Schemes  : No comment
Service Program  : No comment
Courtesy of staff  : No comment
Door-to-door collection and delivery :   No comment


Cause of Fraud by Rushabh Parekh

Since the new Honda City does not have a powerful variant and I dont like the looks at all, I decided on buying a Certified used Honda City Vtec.

I was picking up my Honda City Vtec on the 17th of March, 2004. I had first seen this car in the 2nd week of March and instantly fell in love with it. The sales staff at Ichibaan Honda (Authorised Honda dealer at Worli and Kalina, Mumbai) had called me and informed me about an almost new Vtec that was available with their used car department. This Honda City Vtec is a 2003 model, dark silver in colour, single owner and has run only 3260 kms!! I thought to myself that this is a car that has not even been totally run-in and is as good as brand new! The body was spotless, the interiors still smelt like new and everything was really ’’tight’’ about this Honda. Beside a Pioneer stereo and leather seats, everything else is original about this car. I test-drove the car around Altamount road and instantaneously knew that I wanted to take it home.

It took

two days of negotiations before me and the seller finally agreed to a price. The sale price was a little higher than what I thought was reasonable, but the advantage is that the entire sale/purchase transaction was being carried out by Ichibaan Honda - Bombays premier Honda dealer. That, to me, delivered a lot of security since I was buying a second hand car for the first time. Also, I thought, doing a deal through Ichibaan Honda would mean that it is carried out with honesty, sincerity and utter transparency! Its after all Ichibaan Honda who markets why buying a certified used car from them is a 100% ’’safe’’ transaction.

The financing was approved through Kotak Mahindra (awesome customer support) and the payments made to the seller. Finally on Tuesday the 16th of March 2004, my Honda City Vtec entered Ichibaan premises to be readied for delivery.

Throughout the day, I was in constant touch with Mario, Ronny and Neelam (used car department sales executives) to make sure that everything is fine and that I will be able to take the car home today. They assured me that all is fine and that the car is currently being polished and cleant inside out. We agreed on a 5 p.m. delivery time. The delivery was to take place at Ichibaan Honda, Kalina.

Despite having taken a confirmation from them earlier, I spoke to Neelam at the Kalina branch just before I left my office at 4 p.m. She once again confirmed that all is well, and the car is ready for delivery at the scheduled time. I picked up my family and the 5 of us proceeded to Ichibaan Honda to welcome our new car home.

Buttttttttttttttttt horror struck at 5p.m. sharp as we pulled in our C Class into the Ichibaan compound at Kalina. I received a call from Mario and he asked me where I am. I replied that I have just pulled in to the showroom and will see him in less than two minutes. He sounded really nervous.

The minute I walked in, Mario + Neelam and Ronny asked me to wait in the lounge as the car was being ’’readied’’ for delivery. I asked them how long it would take and they replied that it would be atleast 2 hours more. I asked them what is happening with the car, and they replied that they are fitting a 12 cd changer that I had supplied for my new car. Now this was a concern as the auspicious period for delivery (My mother and her insistence!!!) was only uptil 6:15 p.m. latest. So I politely requested him to let me perform the puja on the car, and then he can take it back in te service area and finish the rest of the work.

Mario and Ronny gave me some really strange answers about the polish being wet and customers not being allowed to see the car before delivery. I smelt a rat! I told them that I wanted to see my car right then there without any further negotiations.

I walked into the service area alongwith Ronny and guess what I see!! My Honda City Vtec, which is less than a year old and still within the factory warranty period, is sitting WITHOUT the entire front bumper assembly and left front fender near the paint shop. Whats more, I see three mechanics working at a frantic pace on my car!!

I was seeing RED, and was so furious that words cannot explain what was going through my mind. Firstly, I pay a premium price to Ichibaan Honda for the sake of security, honesty and utter transparency. The car was dented apparently while moving around the service station, and they are attempting a QUICK-FIX!

Just the fact of him telling me that the car will be ready within 2 hours means that
1. He wanted to continue hiding from me that my car was damaged by them.
2. He was going to deliver the car to me, and just go back to his business as if nothing happened.
3. If I had noticed damage repair after a week of taking the car, Ichibaan would tell me ’’What the hell do I know how your car is damaged. When we gave it to you, it was perfect’’.

This is simply a case of fraud! Not only does Ichibaan damage my car before delivery, but they also refuse to tell me about it. Think about it, do you think that this is the first time something like this must have happened? I am sure that there are many unsuspecting Accord and City owners who are driving around in their ’’repaired’’ brand new cars
without a clue of how their car was ’’patched up’’

As a customer, what was the whole point in me paying Ichibaan a premium for what I thought would be a spick and span Honda certified automobile? Why did I not go to the disorganized used car segment to look for a Vtec? We all know that used car dealers can be scrupulous in their dealings, but then NEITHER DO THEY MAKE ANY STATEMENT OF WORLD-CLASS SERVICE!

Accidents happen to anyone, and no one is a perfect driver. For all you know, I could have myself dented the car tomorrow while driving to work. The only fact that really cheeses me off is that they tried to lie about the whole thing, hide the fact that my car was damaged by their staff and just deliver it to me without a mention of apology.

Also, can you imagine the quality of a job that has been done to patch-up accidental damage with time as the biggest pressure? Their only concern with the repair work was to give me the car within 2 hours?.NOT MAKING SURE THE PAINT MATCHES.

Honda is really a world class company, but the same cant be said about their premier Mumbai dealership. I think Ichibaan Honda really needs a lesson or two in ETHICAL BUSINESS MEANS.

If you do not want to make a waste of an investment and deal with cheaters - AVOID ICHIBAAN HONDA at all costs!!

Rushabh Parekh

Pros  :   None
Cons : Horrible Sales Staff. Fraudulent Attitude. Pathetic Management.
How did you hear about this Dealer? : Advertisement
Finance Schemes : No comment
Service Program  :  No comment
Courtesy of staff  :  Just about courteous
Door-to-door collection and delivery :    Poor


Pathetic work and people by Shiv chadda

One and all, Beware if you buy a honda car and have loads of extra money and time take your car to Ichibaan for repairs.

I own a honda City ,1.3,Dec 2000 .2 weeks ago I was saved from a life threatening accident ,I was driving and while the car was in motion a big branch of a tree fell on the car. By the grace of God my wife and i who were in the car at that momnet were saved and the tree damged part of the roof and the bonnet and the front windscreen just crumbled under the pressure. Looking at the damage to my otherwise well kept car, I thought that it would be best to get the best work done by an authorised agent and workshop so I took the care to Ichibaan Honda, Kalina.

Now that was the biggest mistake done in my life, they prompthly handed me an estimate, which was only of labour and did not include cost of parts. On being questioned as to how much the whole thing would cost, they kept replying we will let you know once the survey is done by the insurance agent and only then we can

tell you as to how much the cost would be. I repeatedly asked them to let me know as soon as the survey was done so that I can prepare myself for the amount which would be my co pay.

I did not hear for almot a week after that from them. I called up the centre at least 4 times but was always told that the concerned person is not at the table and he will give u a call back.After a few days I asked to speak to a senior person, and he assured that he will find out and tell the concerned person to give me a call within an hour.
I finally got a call from the concerned person and the next day and on being questioned as to what all has been passed by the surveyer and what about the final cost, I was informed that the work has already been started and the roof has been cut away without even asking me and telling me as to whether i wanted to get the work done without knowing the cost.

I quickly told him to halt all work till I know what the cost is , I went to the workshop the very next day and was asked to meet another senior official, a Mr. Ashok, who sat with me and placed in front of me and exorbitant bill estimating around a lak of rupees. On putting it in very clear words that I had not been informed and how they could begin work without consent, I was given some lame excuses and finally the works people apologised that they had overlooked the matter and said that now it has to be done here as it has already been started.

This was surely a hand in glove work with the people there and I had to get the work done besides the overpriceing of everything done.
Finally I was called for the delivery of the car on a saturady and was informed that everything has been done. On reaching there I was shocked, Shocked beyond belief, all the parts changed by them were damaged.
The roof panel which was supposedly new ...had scratches and paint job was horrible
The Bonnet, which was also new had the under layer (Lambi) staring out at the edges, with no paint done on the edges.

The winscreen which was also new and fitted in the honda professional way had the sealing rubber around it open at one edge.

The Front left door which was painted by them had the paint cracked at the edge, and, the right door had a dull mark at one edge.
The Pillar which was also new and painted by them had air bubbles in the paint.
To top all this even the Boot which was not supposed to be done by then had the paint spoilt at one corner and the same dull patch which was on the NEWLY painted door was seen at 2/3 more places at the rear end near the fuel tank.

I pointed this out to the person concerned and he immediately took note and said that he is sorry and the things would be rectified also it was nated that the had broken the Logo behind the knob for the AC fresh air inside. A note was made of everything and I was told everything would be done and the car could be collected on wednesday.
Again I did not receive any call till friday, and only when i did call up on friday I was again shocked to hear that the repairs done by them have been redone but the new damage will be not done by them .I will have to pay extra for it.This was utterly outrageous, instead of being sorry for what they did they wanted to charge me for it. I asked to speak to a senior person and was told he is busy.

On taking a stand finally I was put on to a MR. Mani ,Beleive me he took the phone and sounded more harsh than the local hudlum in hindi films.I was trying to reason with him and he blankly refused ,’’we will not do it ...aapko jo karna hain kar lo.!’’

I was taken aback ..and didnt know what to say ,he hasnt even seen the car ,he wasnt there when i gave in the car ,and not even when I came for delivery, all these things were handled by Mr.Shailendra and Mr Ashok.Who know that these damages have occured after the car has been with them yet he just refused and said these are old and have been there from before ,if you want to get it done we will charge you.

This is utterly disgusting ,even the people at the center handling the car agreed to the damage caused and clearly now cant go against their senior. The cost of the painting of the boot is hardly Rs 3000/ Approx, when I am paying Rs 1,00,000 for the damages this amount hardly matters, but the question here is the odacity of the person to purposely damage the vehicle and then charge you for it I anm not used to people talking to me in this manner and it was a very bad feeling when I know that he has damaged my vehicle and now like a goonda says, do what you want.

I hope someone at Honda Motors takes note and does something about the attitude of this person.
Anyone who reads this .....beware, the cars good ...but if you go to Ichibaan honda once can expect anything. Their work even for new parts is pathetic ...( All parts had to be redone on day one ..ALL) and surely expect some new damages to be there which they do to make more money. The personnel there speak more rudely than even the local dada and even their own people who know whats happening will tell you we know sir, but what can we do.

Don’t ...DON’T EVER ...go to ICHIBAAN honda .....its pathetic

Pros   : Just tall claims
Cons  :   Pathetic service
How did you hear about this Dealer? : Advertisement
Finance Schemes  : No comment
Service Program  :Poor
Courtesy of staff  : Rude Door-to-door collection and delivery  : No comment
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Oh .. !!! Minu ..  Its amazing ... i'm sure it will help our Dear Admin alot ... and i Hope he will see it :wink:

Thanx a lot ya it is an amazing piece of information ... i personaly am impressed.
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Also, try following links:
«Reply #5 on: April 03, 2006, 09:08:25 PM »
wow ... kya baat hai .... thanx again ... mujhe to bahut acchi lagi aap ke de hui links .. !!
«Reply #6 on: April 03, 2006, 09:17:57 PM »
In US we use:
«Reply #7 on: April 03, 2006, 09:25:24 PM »
kya baat hai ... Puzzled !
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