Tell Us About Your Views On Your Friends on YOINDIA ;)

by Suhas on October 29, 2005, 05:06:36 AM
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TALAT : Mere Acchi Dost and Bahen, very very sentimental aur jyada Intelligent bi  :wink: When I was completely against the truthness in friendship on net and she made my thinking wrong by giving so much care and love.  

FRIEND : Bolte hai kam, but all heart touching words........too much maturedness in his talking. I respect him very much as he is Friend of my friend too Winking

HUMTUM : He prefers to share gum rather than happiness with friends, whenever I need him, he gave me a good support.  I can't forget him eventhough I don't know even his name  :wink:

POOJA : I don't know much about her, but even I like her very much because of her feelings and shayaries.  Her articles in Inspiring section make me to believe as she is a wonderful person

ISHA : Choti but very matured in thinking but some times thinks too much. I like her Friendliness, humour and adopting herself in any situation.  

NATURAL : Very decent guy with lot of sentiments and feelings.  Sometime I wonder how we think both alike Winking I just love this guy.

BHAMBRA : Good hearted man with lot of characters Winking

And all the Yoindians are very good, but we don't know them people can help us to know them too Winking
«Reply #1 on: October 29, 2005, 05:46:16 AM »
[b]Wow Luvly thread :D On Yoindia I have very Few frds but U bet 4 Me They mean a lotttttttttt :lol: Infact all yoindians r gr8 humans arent dey :wink: ? But Lemme tell U bout My Yaars On yoindia glasses2 [/b]

TALAT : She Is My First Yoindian Friend Infact I was attracted ta join this forum after reading her shayeries :D ,a luvly human no doubt n a Gr8 dost of mine :!: n yea has a luvly name 'Talat Jabeen Usual Smile '.

NIDHI_YADEIN Puzzled ! : Welll shez a person I fail 2 gather words 2 define her....shez da sweetest person I had ever met on net glasses2 shez exactly like me n da most amazing part is she thinks exactly whatz in my mind Shocked .....a luvly person,a sweetheart n a luvly friend of Mine :D Infact much more than that 'Now shez like a family member 4 me Puzzled ! ' Hick!! glasses2

AMIT{Hearty}:twisted: : A Gr888888 Human may b datz da reason y he is associated wid Nidhu :wink: A fun-loving Guy, a lovely Frd, n da only person on yoindia Who Calls me "PagalKudi Puzzled ! "lol, a tough Guy wid a Sensitive Heart :wink: ....Hearty glasses2

BOND: Dunno much bout him,But he writes in my thread n den says datz 'Oh MY god I was just thinkin 2 Delete it Puzzled !  Puzzled ! ' definitely Must b gr8 human n a luvly guy cuz hez even a Yoindian Usual Smile Cheers!!!!

WAHEED BHAI: A very nice pal..many a days ago v used ta have lots of fun in da 'Gaming section' :lol:  :lol: Kiu Bhaiya? :lol:  :lol: A nice Khuda k Bande No doubt!!!!

LIB80AKS:Dunno much bout this guy 2 Puzzled ! But was fun ta talk wid :lol:  :lol: Very Humorous person n a Famous yoindian as far as opening threads ver concerned Puzzled !  glasses2

Welll cant remember ne1 else name :? All r gr8 here juss never gotta chance ta interact wid dem :?  :!: I was always n still am preoccupied wid 'Pandey :evil:  :wink: , Verma :evil:  n Jabeen :evil:   :lol: ....
«Reply #2 on: October 29, 2005, 06:37:19 AM »
Thanks Pyari for so much information on other Yoindians....... Usual Smile  Usual Smile
«Reply #3 on: October 29, 2005, 08:31:13 AM »
Really a nice thread you have started Suhaas....great...!!! :D

As far as me concerned.. to be frank i never conversed much with anyone except you, talat, nidhi, and waheed bhai..!!! And i think all the Yoindians are more or less similar in their thoughts, idealogy and actions.....nevertheless all the y o i n d i a n s are equally good and great friends.. friends with whom we can share our valuable feelings...!!

But stronlgy feel that everyone knows me as a friend .... @@@@  and I truly believe that i am a friend of a friend... of a friend..!!! :D  Usual Smile  glasses2
«Reply #4 on: October 29, 2005, 09:15:35 AM »
nidhi...bohot hi achhi sweet ladki, ekdum free aur bohot achi dost! hamare interests ekdum milte julte we get along really well!!

amit (heart) : bhai hai mera, bohot sweet hai aur iski english poetry ki main hamesha pankha rahungi. ekdum :cool: hai aur aajkal aata nahi job jo mil gayi very nice and one of the first friends i had on YO too!!!

talat..: meri yoindia ki pehli dost. kitni friendly hai ke meri ek post dekkar mujhe apna dost bana liya...sosweet!! i started lovin yoindia coz of this lady!! lov u talat!!

nishita..:shes also one of the first friends  i met here..though never talked to her that much, shes always been a nice friend and very sweet!

natural: naya friend hai but bohot sweet hai..nattu!

bhambra: ye bhi naya bumble bee friend, bohot sweet hai

salma: boht hi sweet kudi hai, boot friendly, achhi dst hai..

aur bohot hain frenz, to be continued...
«Reply #5 on: October 29, 2005, 09:30:56 AM »
Thanks a lot Friend and Sanya ji...... Usual Smile  Usual Smile
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«Reply #6 on: October 29, 2005, 12:50:33 PM »
bole to apunke sab ke sab dost bahut bahut bahut ache hai. .aur apun ke paas unki tareef karne ko word nahi hai. .bus apun itna hi chahta hai ki apun ke saare dost aise hi rahe aur humesha khush rahe. . muskurate rahe. .
«Reply #7 on: October 29, 2005, 02:53:28 PM »
mere  bhi  sab  acche dost  hain..........lekin main  kisi  ka  accha  dost  nahi  ban saka.....:sad: :sad:  shayad  main  bahot  kharaab hoon isliye.......:sad:
«Reply #8 on: October 29, 2005, 04:05:47 PM »
dolly: very dolly ekdum sweet aur frenly hai...ekdum apne naam ke jaisi!!

desikuri: sabse pehle main jab aayi yo pe tab isi ke saath ladkon ki dhajjiyan udaati thi :cool: bohot mazey kiye humne!

neha (princess21): aajkal bohot kam milti hai...bohot yaad aati hai...bohot hi achi dost hai..

samnoj: iski funny shayri ekdum mast hai bhidu... (samnoj style lol)

bond: ye bhi bohot mazakiya hai...acha lagta hai iski shayri padhna

thycreator: achha fren hai...achi baatein aur shayri karta hai

tosha...:iski ekdum to the fact baatein pasand hain...achi fren hai..

to be continued..
«Reply #9 on: October 29, 2005, 05:02:50 PM »
i've got a big list here... Winking

Talat : shes my very very very sweet frd.. its been ages tht we've talked..most loveable and caringg her so muchh... but we r in touch wid each other.. n miss her a lott ..

Samnoj : or shud i call him dhakkan.. cos i usually refer to him as dhakkan only..  he is a born dhakkan.. widout a dibba.. well i know nobody wud understand as to wot i'm talkin.. but thts the best description i can give bout him tongue3 .. a total gona case and a crazy person like me ..

Sanju : my first frd here.. infact my jugalbandi partner in the beginning.. it was really fun.. me..sanju..pooja and 2-3 other ppl used to team up and go crazyy in yoindia.. tth time there were not so many members also.. he dsnt come nemore cos he got a promotion n i guess hes busyy .. just wanna wish him all the best for his future.

Mateen: hes not my frd.. he is my dushman.. yeah my best dushman.. we had  alot of jugalbandi in all the sections of yoindia.. n he was a greatt shayar... too good in his writingss.. even he dsnt come nemore..

Pooja: dont know her much.. cos always talked to her on yoindia only.. but frm wot i know her i can tell u she is really sweet and adorable.. another oldie frm yoindia.. we've shared sum greatt moments here.. especailly the "gum" topic tongue3 in funny section

bond: a gud frd of mine.. i told him bout yoindia.. sweet ..nice and straight forward person.. he writes well.. but he thinks too much lol inna mat socha karo raj

prem: the first time we met we fought.. infact all the girls online tht day fought wid him.. pooja, me ,meena ,talat..cos he started a topic "guys v/s girls " smuthg.. we had  alot of jugalbandi.. bandar se sardar se taklu se buddha se pata nahi kya kya banay usko lol.. overall a very sweet guy very funny and caring.. a total tapori.. inshort.. fate hue dudh ki malai hai ye tongue3

mansi : she is the sweetest girl i've ever known.. the most funniest girl.. she'l make u laugh n laugh n laugh wid her whacky jokes.. one liners n no connection poems lol .. miss her lottt come bck babesss

namkeen: namss is another sweet girl i've known frm yoindia.. she came for a short period of time but in tht time made a lot of frds here and made her presence felt.. we miss u nams.. hope u havin fun and a happy married life

soheb: ohh hes mah superman..loll .. i loved the way he said " aabar chabbar aak thuu" loll tht was so funny.. he is very bad at poetry lol so he never attempted to write one.. was my "sawal se jkawab tak" ka partner.. and somehow strated writing in funny section.. even he has dissappeared now

salma: aww shes mah ad tv.. everyone knows shess really sweet.. just like cadburyy hehe we both team to bash guyss especailly superman.. and chaddiman for her tongue3

newyorker: ny ji is very very sweet.. he used put up tents in my topics lol.. i kno nobody wud get this.. only he'l understand.. wot i know him is he is a very nice sweet and caring person... Usual Smile

immi : loll i miss his nishitajiii lolzz.. another sweet guy.. gud at shayris..even he has dissappeared now .. kaha ho immi ji

waheed: i used ot get irritated wid his commentary in the beginning.. and finally started callin him commentrator.. but now hes given up commentary lol.. a very sweet person Usual Smile

sanya: we've not spoken so much.. woteva we hav, has only been in yoindia.. tht too not much.. but shes always been so sweet n cute to me.. and  i like the way she talkss way too sweet Usual Smile

tosha: another oldie.. shes sweet just like her name very talented and caring girl.. miss her too

sharmaji: inhone mujhse inne dande khaye inne dande khaye ki ab inko adat ho chuki hai.. talat ne inpe inne bartan feke .. lekin ye uff tak nahi karte tongue3 ab pata nhi kaha gaye.. missin ur shaayris sharmaji.. kaah ho aap??
«Reply #10 on: October 29, 2005, 08:08:23 PM »
newyorker...:one of my new friens, really frenly n nice, extremely funny but knows wen to  b srius...

pyarikudi: havent talked to her much recently, but shes one of the good frenz i had on yo. mujhe bhool gayi na sweetkudi!

nikki: bohott dino se baat nai hui...missing her badly i lov her shayri!
«Reply #11 on: October 30, 2005, 04:18:07 AM »
Wow.........Nishita ji.......too good.....purani yaadonko taaza kar diya aapne... Usual Smile  Usual Smile  Usual Smile And thanks for so many information  Usual Smile
«Reply #12 on: October 30, 2005, 04:23:07 AM »
SANYA :oops: :  {:( Nahi yaar tujhe mein bhuli kahan us waqt jaldi-jaldi mein likh nahi paayi :cry:  :cry: },But yea Sanyaaaaa is another sweet frd of mine,Ven I was new on yoindia V had talked many a time in gaming n other section :D  :lol: Even Talat n I used ta talk 'Ye Sanya badi achi ladki hai' :wink: Mein usse kabhi nahi bhul sakti shez 1 of my old pals on YO Usual Smile ..{Samjhi glasses2 }

SAMNOJ Usual Smile : Khuda Ka FAVORITE Banda :wink: A very Nice Human..Kabhi baat karne ka moka tho nahi mila....Par Jitna Suna hai aur threads mein padha hai..Its very clear dat he is a luvly guy :D Ya the most important thing is 'He always thinks more about others Happiness dan his Ownz'...ab hua na Ye Bedu ekdam Jhakaas Insaan glasses2  

To b continued :!:
«Reply #13 on: October 30, 2005, 05:08:53 AM »
I dont know ne1 out here. I am fine in my own world of research, dreams and shayaris. Well ya Nazaakat is a good friend of mine. Oh and I love reading those romantic compositions in 'Khumar e ishq' (sud i say i am overwhelmed by love..........wotever). Nice forum. Thank god to have stumbled upon this forum.  Bye keep loving and keep writing guyz n gals.
«Reply #14 on: October 30, 2005, 08:57:46 AM »
WoW!!!  What a nice thread Suhas.... !!!

Thanks to you and Sweet Girl, Friend, Sanya n Nishi....for making me feel so special tongue3 :D

I have a lonnnng list...I will write it very soon Winking
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