Billions of Smaller Gods vs. God

by mazHur on November 14, 2010, 08:43:18 PM
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the purpose of life is one for all
living for the sake of living,
growing for the sake of self-reliance,
procreating to keep the life cycle going;
struggling to survive the tornado of life,
playing hide and seek with the hands of death,
and to fulfill just this one purpose
all living things on earth and in heavens
are busy conducting their business;
and while all this goes on and on
until a time nobody knows for sure
god smiles at the scene  from above the second Heaven
at the  follies ,foibles and failings
of arrogant and self-glorifying smidgeons
of flesh and blood boarding the earth,
 proud of  their wisdom, genius, stupidity and wit
venturing to pull down His High Thrown
and unravel His mysteries from one to all
and thus proudly be able to proclaim
they have fulfilled the purpose of creation
and their lives are now in their own hands
free from the clutches of God and His Prophets,
Angels, Holy Ghosts, Saints and all those hoaxes
of religion, caste, creed, doctrines and schools of thought
which  breed  all the trouble in the world!
God smiles at his creation and its ambitions
then laughs so loud that the whole earth  begins to quake
oceans blow up in Tsunamis and Katrina and many
clouds burst into rainy tears of rain and hail the size of tennis balls
Lightening sparks weld trees and mountains deep into earth;
All this happens in a matter of seconds…and lo!
the self-proclaimed atomies of parboiling blood
and cheeky flesh begin to plead guilty for their conceit;
God smiles and all is set back to normal
 no calamity has befallen  on earth before!
Billions of smaller gods raise their hands towards the sky
looking for the One Mightiest over them.
Up in the heavens The Supreme  One is amused
and waves his forgiving hand to them
as one another chance for them to accept Truth!
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