Sounds Of Health

by Pooja on September 07, 2005, 11:43:51 AM
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Sounds Of Health


It is known that sound has the power to change us. It is used in meditation, ritual, prayer, and as a natural healing technique. Sound itself encompasses most auditory phenomenon and sound healers may practice their craft with recorded classical music, drumming, chanting, instruments, or electronically synthesized sounds. Sounding, however, is unique in that the practitioner uses only his or her voice projected onto the body through loosely cupped hands or a cone of wood. The resonance of the voice permeates tissue and bone, positively impacting physical and spiritual health by causing unbalanced areas to begin once again resonating at their natural frequencies.

The human voice has the natural ability to affect both the body and mind. Just as a beautiful melody or powerful drum beat can inspire and energize you, a sound healer's voice stimulates your systems' natural integrity, helping you to achieve deep relaxation and well-being. A sounding session most often starts with the healer directing sounds toward various parts of the body to determine what areas require stabilization and strengthening. This technique is called 'overtoning.' He or she may sigh, sing, or vocalize in various frequencies while listening for a change in the tone that indicates the sound interfacing with the body's energy field. As each area of the body vibrates at its own unique frequency, this helps the healer identify the precise systems where the sounding needs to be directed. The healer will then cup his or her hands over the area in need of treatment and vocalizes in specific frequencies. The pure harmonic vibrations emitted by the healer ripple and echo ! through the body, correcting the out-of-sync rhythms and resonance, relieving tension, and creating energy impulses that help the body heal itself without medication.

In sounding, the healer's voice becomes a winding river upon which healing energy is conveyed into the body. Plato called music the "essence of order," and when, through the miraculous abilities of the human voice, the body, spirit, and emotions are vibrating at their intended frequencies and in perfect harmony with one another, the result is perfect health.

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