Avoid Religious Discussion and Topics on Yoindia

by yoindia on January 28, 2009, 10:24:19 PM
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Not only India, whole world is full of diversities. Yoindia, which is a Global Platform for Poetry also features similar characterstics but despite of so many diversified people, religion, posts.. we are here united for the single cause of Poetry.

Poetry is not a single word or its not just a term which denote something particular but it is in itself a whole world. Being of Poetic Nature means you have something beautiful in you which lets you to understand as well express the feelings. Not everyone is blessed with such qualities and you may see people who do not like poetry at all-why? Simply because they are not blessed.

Poetry is not just a written script on paper but its the SOUL of poet just taken out in form of WORDS. And as said, not everyone is capable and truthful to pour out his soul - his heart like a poet. No doubt, Poetic Person has a POETIC FACTOR in it, which makes him deligate and sensitive.

But here at Yoindia we all are here for single cause.. that is Poetry and as Poetry is not just a word. Because of Poetry we share a common interest- a common cause and a common quality.

Recently, we had some dispute over Yoindia Shayariadab regarding Religious Issue. Before saying anything further I would to remind everyone that "Religion is always a sensitive topic and will remain same".  We have been exploited by many people in past on name of religion and still we see 100s and 1000s of people dying on the name of religion. In the end it is the common man who suffer most. Who is common man? People like us who have faith in their religions. In the name of religion we see dispute every now and then but most of the time its someone else who is taking advantage of such dispute, sometimes its personal grudges, sometimes its money, sometimes its politics and sometimes just for fame. Those are some examples for which we are exploited by selected one for the name of religion.

Keeping above in mind, right from the begining we had drafted RULES which stats that no religious threads are allowed on Yoindia. Since Yoindia Shayariadab is a poetic community, we allow religious poetry until it is healthy and do not contains anything against any community in any sense.

But out of ignorance, few religious Topics were created on Yoindia which later on heated up and spoiled the harmony of Yoindia Shayariadab. We do not have any grudges against any religion but religious topics are not appreciated on Yoindia because they can hurt peaceful atmosphere of Yoindia. We recently saw one such event and we saw how religious  topic had  bad impact on Yoindia Shayariadab Community.

Hence,  as learnt from recent untidy experience and as it is in rules, we should not encourage any Religious Thread at all. However Devotional Poetry is allowed until it is healthy and acceptable. I think this is the most appropriate way to maintain and restore Harmony of Yoindia.

I hope I can expect co-operation from esteemed Yoindian Members to keep Yoindia friendly and healthy as always.

If you have any doubt regarding same then you can discuss it here. Please avoid making comments in haste, make sure we have a healthy and impartial discussion.
«Reply #1 on: January 31, 2009, 06:53:53 AM »
i really appriciate with this edited thread !! wounderful, yoindia per aisi koi poem nahi honi chahiye jo kissi ki comunnity ya religion per nuqta chini kare !! aur apka ye message yoindia ki eakta ko sambhalne me kaafi madadgar sabit hoga !! aur apne  bahoth qoob likha hai ke sirf healty aur matured relious poem ko yoindia per tarji di jayegi !! bahoth ache qayalath aur andaz ka muzahera pesh kiya hai apne !! Allah apko jaza-e qair de !! Ameen !!

Qadeer Toopchi
«Reply #2 on: July 27, 2012, 09:34:24 PM »
I wish all of you faith and the courage to pinpoint your passion.
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